Boat Storage Buildings

Mini Storage Outlet provides indoor, climate controlled Boat Storage Buildings. These buildings are designed with self-storage units that are large enough for boat storage and boat trailer storage. We design custom mini storage building floor plans to include units with high ceilings and wide clearances to accommodate boat storage and trailers.

A lot of self storage facilities are starting to offer boat storage buildings to accommodate the growing population of boat owners.  The majority of boat owners do not have the space to store boats and trailers at their residence, and they need a secure place to store their boats in the off season. Boat storage units will provide a safe place to keep their investment protected from the elements.  Boat storage buildings are constructed in a similar manner as traditional self storage units, but they are designed to be wider and taller with larger doors. Some facilities also offer units without doors, offering more of a car port type unit. Boat storage units require a minimum of a 10’x10′ door (or door opening) in a minimum of a 25′ deep unit.

The benefits of an Indoor Boat Storage Building include:

  • Secure Storage
  • Dry Storage for Boats
  • Off Season Marine / Boat Storage
  • Climate Controlled Boat Storage
  • Covered Outdoor Boat Trailer Storage

Our Top of the Line Mini Storage Buildings offer Solutions for Boat Owners and people looking for enclosed Boat Storage and off season recreational vehicle storage. It’s easy to maintain optimal temperatures with Indoor Boat Storage Building Units.