Climate Controlled Storage Buildings

Indoor storage facilities are becoming more popular because they can offer climate controlled units.  Whether you are converting an existing building into storage units, or building a new building from scratch, we can help.

Indoor self storage facilities typically have a 5′ hallway system with roll up doors on each side.

Self Storage Building conversions are becoming more popular especially in today’s rapidly changing economy. They are usually the less  expensive route and can be converted quickly with the right building specifications. Conversions often reduce the time it takes to get your  self storage business up and running, as most previous retail or other business  buildings are already zoned correctly. In many cases, structural and site work is less involved which saves on costs of materials and permits. With  conversions there are some downsides like not being able to customize your particular building and or not having the newest most conditioned materials for the mini storage business. But those can be worked out with some compromise if the cost savings is great enough to you as the customer.

What’s the condition of the building you are trying to convert into a mini storage? Be very careful to make sure the roof is in good repair, as this could be a costly, unexpected expense.

With Multi-story buildings, you have to keep in mind there have to be working elevators in proper locations for the safety aspects of your customers. It may cost more to install these elevator systems than to build a new mini storage building from scratch.

Most self-storage facilities today offer climate control. Is the building’s HVAC system operational and equipped to handle these options?

Make sure there is proper access to the Building. Can potential renters easily drive to and from the entrance? Can they load and unload their valuables without difficulty? Once inside, can they find their units easily? Try and keep units no further than 100 feet from the nearest point of entry.

Featured Indoor Climate Controlled Buildings