We have distribution centers placed throughout the nation providing our clients with the fastest and cheapest shipping solutions.

we ship nationwide

Mini Storage Outlet is able to keep freight charges low for our consumers by utilizing a number of shipping points throughout the U.S., and routing trucks through 30 states on a weekly basis. All of our building materials will arrive clearly marked for easy identification to help ensure a timely, efficient erection process.

We take pride in delivering quality building components labeled for easy identification to help material job site management.

We have seen the other spectrum where materials are mixed up prior to packaging without identification markings and without regard as to the order which the steel components will be staged for assembly. You can only imagine the material mix ups with thousands of components involved in a self storage multi building project.

We take the extra time to identify each bundle in relationship as to which building concrete pad it should be placed and each component with a piece mark that corresponds with a detail contained in the erection drawings. Step by step each component can be laid out on the concrete slab in preparation for a timely erection process.

Shipping Mini Storage Buildings
Storage Building Shipment


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