Voices of Satisfaction: Real Stories from Happy Customers

Unlocking the Power of Praise: Dive into Our Customer Testimonials

“I would recommend you simply based on my good experience I had. Your company has been good to work with and I haven’t had any issues.”

Wayne B.
Versailles, MO | Mini Storage Buildings

“My experience with Building Outlet has been real good, they treated me well. Everytime I’ve refered a customer to them they have always taken care of me. Price wise they have always been able to beat my previous supplier. Mini Storage Outlet gets on top of things and stays on top of it all the way through.”

Gary H.
Lincoln, MO | Mini Storage Buildings

“I called Building Outlet and they answered all my questions and gave me a price right away. I ordered two buildings from them. They were delivered, I put them up and I’ve bought five more buildings from them since then. Everything has worked out good so far. They use top quality components they label them all, every piece is stamped. It’s a big plus!”

Duane C.
La Grande, OR | Seven Mini Storage Buildings

“What I liked most about the services is that they are very easy to deal with.”

Len G.
Napoleonville, LA | Climate Controlled Mini Storage Building
prefabricated steel mini storage building kit with end units to maximize sq. ft.

“We are very pleased with the experience, value, and service Regency Steel provided us during our recent expansion. Everything arrived on time and correct to spec. Quality materials that hold up and look beautiful.”

Ryan S. | Stateline Storage
Post Falls, ID | Mini Storage Building
mini storage buildings in Montana

“Love the customer service and personal attention. Also liked that our products were delivered exactly on time.”

Jason P.
Billings, MT | Mini Storage Buildings

“Quality product excellent service. Your building is a lot better quality compared to other brands I’ve built.”

Carl I.
Harleyville, SC | Mini Storage Buildings
metal mini storage buildings in Kansas

“The product was delivered as agreed, on the time agreed to and for the amount agreed to with no hidden charges. Everyone kept their end of the deal, the building was delivered on time and that is very important when planning a project. I like the fact that with just a minimum of equipment the construction process is an easy 2 man job and can even be accomplished with just 1 man. I put up the last building myself with a forklift and small lift truck.”

John L.
Hays, KS | Mini Storage Building
Self-Storage Facility | prefab self storage | mini storage building outlet

“Great customer service. Way faster than stick built and great quality.”

Randy K.
Saint Anthony, ID | Mini Storage Building

“Always was able to talk to staff when needed they were readily available.”

Tom M.
Whitmore, MI | Mini Storage Buildings

“Under Promise… Over Deliver.”

Randy H.
Morrison, CO | Mini Storage Complex

“Great people to work, price is right and everything came on time.”

Marlan S. | All Storage
Grand Forks, ND | Mini Storage Building