Add Boat & RV Self-Storage Units to Increase Your Profits

RV Storage Buildings,Boat Storage BuildingsWhether you already own and operate a self-storage business and are looking to make it more profitable or are just entering the mini storage industry, adding storage units that house boats, RVs or both is a great way to boost your business’s profitability. Similar to traditional self-storage units but larger and with bigger points of entry, boat and RV storage units give owners of watercraft and motor homes a place to house and protect their assets during the offseason.

Steel buildings for boat storage

Owners of watercraft want to protect their valuable investments, and steel mini storage buildings protect boats, jet skis and water scooters from moisture, the elements, crime and other hazards that can shorten their lifespans or hurt their resale value. Secure and easy to access, boat storage units typically have high ceilings and wide clearances to accommodate watercraft in various sizes.

High demand exists for enclosed boat storage buildings in many areas because most boat and watercraft owners lack the space to store them at home.

Steel buildings for RV storage

Extreme temperatures, hail and even sunlight are just a few of the hazards that can wreak havoc on RVs, and many RV owners invest in RV storage units where they store their motor homes when not in use. Adding RV storage units to your self-storage facility helps you attract an entirely new clientele – and one that has already invested quite a bit into the purchase of an RV, and therefore has good reason to invest more into protecting it.

Most RV owners require storage units that are at least 40’ deep and have openings that are 12’x14’ or larger.

A recession-resistant industry

RV sales hit record highs in recent years, and boat sales surged, too, leading to a steady uptick in demand for boat and RV self-storage units. Most self-storage businesses succeed even during trying economic times, generating steady streams of income for their owners regardless of other market conditions.

Boat & RV Storage Projects