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Building a Self-Storage Business from the Ground Up

Are you thinking about investing in a self-storage facility to capitalize on land that you own? If so, there is a lot to take into consideration. Substantial capital, development and research must be done in order to get you to your goal of bringing in enough revenue via your mini-storage unit business. Regency Storage Systems has been a leading supplier of mini-storage units for over thirty years and we have an extensive staff that is readily available to assist you with the requisite supplies and financial considerations of your mini-storage acquisition. We want to make sure that your investment is one that will work with your lifestyle goals and to provide you with as much constructive information to make an informed decision as you move forward with a self-storage business.

Some essentials to consider when contemplating starting a Self-Storage Business:

Site considerations:

  • Pre-owned land or new land purchase?
  • Is your land parcel large enough to accommodate mini-storage unit facility?
  • Does your particular property site lend itself to mini-storage facility?
  • What are the zoning protocols of your county?
  • Site location: is your acreage conveniently located near populations who would utilize it?
  • Are there other mini-storage units nearby? —is the area already ‘saturated’ by mini-storage units?


  • Have you investigated the taxes associated with your purchase?
  • Does your NOI (Net Operating Income—the income which represents all income revenue from your business speculation; deducting all necessary operating costs of your business) meet your economic expectations?
  • Have you compared and contrasted what other mini-storage unit businesses in your region charge for rent?
  • How much is your initial investment and what are your loan considerations? (some costs to consider are utilities, management costs, maintenance, marketing costs, percentage of capacity that you expect on a year-round basis, etc.)

Style/Design/Type of Structure: Regency Storage Systems is a leader in the mini-storage unit building business with over 40 years of experience. We will work with you to create a plan of unit types, quantities of units as well as layout design. We use high-quality steel materials that will enhance the durability of your building, as well as minimize your overall maintenance of the same. Timeliness of steel building construction exceeds traditional wood construction; bringing you closer to a fully-functional facility with minimal turn-around time.

The advantages of owning a mini-storage facility are substantial and the current demand exceeds supply. However, careful analysis must be done in order to reap the benefits of mini-storage ownership. Your financial as well as lifestyle investments should be thoughtfully reviewed in order to maximize your cost-benefits of the same. Regency Storage Systems provides skilled consultants whom are able to provide you an overview of your project costs and end-vision for a successful Self-Storage Business.

To learn more about the Storage Business and how it might be a great investment for you, feel free to email us at: [email protected] or you may call us directly at 303.867.1179 or Toll Free at 1.800.486.8415 to obtain a personalized quote for your proposed mini storage building construction.

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