Single-Slope Self Storage Building Kit in Bainbridge, Georgia

Regency Steel Buildings supplied this pre-engineered steel mini storage building in Bainbridge, Georgia, in 2011.

The single-slope storage building stands 15’x64’x8.5’ and has a 0.5:12 pitch, as well as, (8) rentable storage units. Each of the (8) units stands 8’x’15’ and has its own 4’x7’ door, all of which were installed along the high side-wall of the building. The storage facility also has 2”of insulation and a vapor barrier in the roof, both to limit the formation of condensation and to minimize energy costs.

Bainbridge and its surrounding areas experience a warm, humid-temperate climate characterized by long, hot summers, virtually no dry season and occasionally strong thunderstorm activity. With the typical weather patterns of Bainbridge in mind, the Georgia metal mini storage building was constructed with a wind speed of 90 mph and a ground snow load of 30 lbs.

The City of Bainbridge is located within Decatur County, in southwest Georgia. It sits about 58 miles from Albany and 40 miles outside Tallahassee, Florida.

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